Xplore operates in a slim structure with highly experienced personnel working as associates and are complemented by a network of professionals having expertise in the areas of Agriculture Development, Research, Market Analysis, Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Sourcing. Currently there are 45 permanent staffs and 30 casual workers.

Overall management of Xplore is guided by the board of directors leaded by the Chairman. Senior members of our core management team are also member of Kirishibid Institute.

In addition to our core team, we also have:

  • A pool of freelance consultants, who are specialists in different fields
  • A pool of over 3160 freelance enumerators at root level, 144 contractual supervisors at Thana level & 16 supervisors at District level available at short notice. These personnel are also trained in¬†collect data and field survey.
  • A pool of 160 contact growers for seed production, managed by field operation executives.
  • An advisory panel consisting of highly qualified and experienced professionals to guide Xplore management in all technical issues.