Xplore Business Limited started its journey in early 2013 with a highly qualified & experienced management team in diversified business sectors.

At one side we started the business with non-processed seed production. Then we stepped forward into production, promotion, distribution and sales of compost fertilizer. Subsequently, activities were diversified to fertilizers (micro-nutrients) and crop protection solutions.

On the other hand from the very beginning, we are involved in Consultancy and Research business. We started with providing different types of consultancy services like – election observation, recruitment, training and deployment of employees for different positions, industrial and global sourcing on behalf of different multinational companies and international development organizations as a sub-contractor.

Currently, Xplore has two major business wings –

  1. Agri-Business
  2. Consultancy & Research.

Our Agri-Business wing operates production & repackaging, marketing & sales of agro-inputs – seeds, fertilizer (organic & micro-nutrients), pesticides and agro machinery.

The Consultancy & Research wing operates Project Management (with development and corporate partners), Clinical Data Management for multinational pharmaceuticals, Industry & Sector Analysis, Market Research & Survey, Election Observation and Global Sourcing for different national and multinational partners.

Our Sister Concerns

Xplore Business Limited has three sister concerns at this moment.

  1. M U Trading Corporation
  2. M. Rahman Enterprise
  3. News Chemicals Industries

These sister concerns are also involved in pesticide, seed and micro nutrient fertilizers business. The sister concerns complete the portfolio of Xplore Business Limited. These sister concerns help Xplore Business Limited to establish business relationship with different types of local and international suppliers and vendors as well as to fulfill the demand of different segments of customers.